Do You Want to Give Your Students the Best Start to College?

Please take a look at how GMG can help you serve the college bound girls in your school. You can choose one of the options below or we can customize a package for your school. Take a look at the services we offer and if you’d like to receive more information, please fill out the inquiry form to give us a better idea of how we can best serve you.

Monthly Sessions - most popular option

In Depth Review of the College prep tip(s) of the month with Q&A session

GMG has created a unique Senior Year College Prep Checklist. 

  • During the monthly visits to your campus, we will review the current items on the checklist and will provide your students with answers to any questions they might have about that specific topic. 
  • Guest speakers, who are experts in their field will be invited to sessions as needed to provide your students with additional valuable information.
  • We’ll work closely with your career counselors and/or senior advisors to create customized information to incorporate your schools’ requirements.
  • We will guide your students with tools to learn how to fully engage in preparing for college.


Option 1) College Prep General Workshop: Includes – Top College Prep Tips Presentation with Q&A session     – 1hr – 1.5 hrs

Option 2) College Prep Series Workshops: Include – One presentation per topic with Q&A sessions at the end.  – 30 min – 1 hr each

College Prep Topics Include but are not limited to the following: Organization, Time Management, Making the most of Your Senior Year, Finding the Right Resources, Choosing the Right College, College Application Process, College Application Essays, Budgeting.

College Prep Intensive Camp

What better way to learn new skills than by practicing them!  In our College Prep Intensive Camp students will learn how to write a resume, how to interview, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, etiquette, networking, organization skills and more.

Other Events

If you’re hosting a college related event at your school, we will be more than happy to attend. Invite us for club rush, parent night, college fairs, etc…

Fill out our inquiry form and we will contact you within the next business day to provide the information you need.