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I created Girls Mentoring Girls just for you. To help you during this pivotal time in your life when, before you know it you’ll be going from high school senior to college freshman. And I don’t want you to be just any college freshmen.  I want you to be a confident, well prepared, independent and successful one. So I thought about what I could do to help a girl out.

It’s not easy being a girl but it’s easier when you have a whole community of girls behind you. Supporting you every step of the way.

I thought back to what I wish I would’ve known when I was your age, what worked, what didn’t, what I feel you should know and most importantly what I know you should know!

Here’s what I came up with. I created an easy to follow College Prep Checklist to serve as your guide during your senior year.  It’ll help you organize your schedule to meet all of the college requirements and still have an amazing senior year! 

I also write a fun and informative blog to give you some great tips on student life.  After enjoying your senior year in high school I have created a one of a kind online course to fully prepare you for college.

And here it is…

In this online course we cover:

setting goals

Setting goals and accomplishing them. It’s easier said than done, but we give you a unique approach, teaching you how to develop this skill.


Putting efficient systems in place is an essential key to success. We provide you with a guide to organizing every aspect and space in your life. This is where you can take control into your own hands.


Establishing healthy habits is essential and non-negotiable. They provide long lasting benefits, not just while you’re in college but throughout your entire life. You will learn how to implement a well-rounded approach to improve and maintain a healthy mind and body.

creating your circle

Developing and maintaining a positive support system is imperative to your success. We give you advice to strengthen the positive relationships you have and techniques that help you build a positive support system.


Learning how to take a preventative approach to safety on and off-campus is crucial.  We give you tips on being aware of your surroundings, trusting your instincts, not putting yourself in bad situations and much more.


Becoming financially independent is empowering and provides countless, life-long benefits. You will be provided with strategies to help you budget and plan for the future no matter how limited your budget is.


Just as you would learn and practice to perform well at any skill, learning and practicing effective academic skills will help you perform better academically. We will help you customize your own strategies to enhance your learning in the classroom and during your study time.

Don’t just take it from us…

Girls Mentoring Girls has been amazing throughout my freshman year in college. As an incoming freshman in college I had no idea what to expect and no matter how prepared I thought I was to live on my own, things didn’t work the way I expect them to. My first semester was a little hectic since I didn’t know how to make a budget or keep a budget, keep myself organized with all my school work or how to keep myself motivated when I felt like everything was falling apart. It’s safe to say that thanks to GMG I’ve learn how to do all those things and even more. Now I’m finally prepared to experience college the way I should…stress free! I recommend this program 100% to girls who are about to go to college or are already in it because it truly helps make college life easier and less stressful.

Leodalin C.

I can personally say that Yadi’s mentorship and coming together frequently with girls like myself through GMG has grown me into the outgoing leader that I am today. Specifically, GMG has helped me to achieve success in the demanding life of a high school senior by guiding me in leading the American Red Cross Club at my school as president and helping me to keep my grades up while participating in several extracurricular activities. GMG also helped me through the exhausting college application process; by effectively utilizing the resources and organization charts that were provided to me by my mentor, Yadi, I was able organize to-do lists for each college that I applied to and finish applying to each school by its according deadline. In using this process, I can proudly say that I have a great future at Emory University.
Also, during one of the GMG meetings Yadi taught us the importance of committing random acts of kindness for the sake of benefitting society and suggested we write thank you cards to our school janitors to show our appreciation of them. I was inspired by this idea so I brought it to the Red Cross Club and consequently, over forty thank you cards were made for our janitors in just thirty minutes.
GMG has taught me to always have a positive outlook on life. I remember in another one of our GMG meetings when Yadi taught us that the things people regret most in life are the things they never got to do. From this, I learned to take advantage of, or at least consider great opportunities that come my way in college because these opportunities could open new doors that could change my life for the better. In being a part of GMG, I know that there is always someone who I can turn to when I am in need of advice, and this advice I will apply to my college life and forever after.

AshleyAnne J.

This fall you’ll be the most prepared senior in your class and you’ll have all of the knowledge to get ready for college well in advance. Getting on the road to success and independence is only a few clicks away.



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