yadi filipiak

About Yadi

After fourteen years of working with girls in a variety of settings such as schools and non-profit organizations, Yadi Filipiak knows first-hand the challenges facing today’s youth, especially the transition between high school and adulthood. Many of the real world challenges faced by girls in particular could have a much more positive outcome with the proper support.

Girls Mentoring Girls is that support.

Inspired by the girls around her and her own personal struggles with issues unique to today’s young women, she has developed what she considers “an intelligent and personal approach to overcoming social, academic, and financial obstacles.”

With an online community, summer camps and peer mentoring, GMG will provide girls with all the tools necessary to not only thrive during their college years but in the real world as tomorrow’s leading women.

My Favorite Things
Yadi Filipiak


  • Spending time with my family
  • Playing and teaching my daughter
  • Music that fits my needs. Sometimes I need it to pump me up, inspire me or help me relax.
  • I love entertainment news and being up to date on current events.
  • I absolutely love history. Hello History Channel!
  • I am amazed by nature and technology. I think it’s crazy that they co-exist.
  • Dancing my little heart away
  • Reading self help books
  • Book stores
  • Getting together with my friends
  • Helping others

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