About Girls Mentoring Girls

GMG was created to serve as a community for girls to have access to essential advice as they prepare to enter college. Our topics vary from time management and budgeting, to proper health and personal relationships. We discuss friendships, roommates, dating, safety, partying, studying, internships, style, careers and so much more. Essentially, everything college life.

Our website features an informative and fun blog that gives real, applicable advice to prepare girls for the transition from high school to college. We also provide an online community where you can get answers to your unique questions and participate in a caring, positive, judgment-free zone. We are here to serve the college bound girl to help her arrive prepared and confident for an amazing college experience.

Why Girls Mentoring Girls?

Because every girl should know…

  • Every girl should learn about creating a budget and gaining financial independence.
  • Every girl should learn about organizing every aspect of her life, including setting goals and accomplishing them.
  • Every girl should learn to be emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Every girl should learn how to stay safe both on and off campus.

We’re here to give you the tools necessary to maximize your potential Because every girl deserves it.

 a few fun facts about our founder
yadi filipiak

  • I married my sweetheart 10 years ago
  • We have a one and a half year old daughter named Charlotte
  • We also have two little dogs named Jazz and Romeo.
  • They mean the world to us
  • I was on my high school dance team & was the head-captain my senior year
  • I’m allergic to caffeine
  • I’m a Certified Health Teacher & Certified Health Education Specialist
  • I served as a disaster services volunteer for the American Red Cross
  • I was a ropes course facilitator. I love zip lines & obstacle courses!
  • My husband works in Cyber Security in the civilian world and for the US Army Reserve. He is my hero!

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